While Everyone Else Is Paying A Premium... You Can Still Buy Silver and Gold At Close To Spot Price!

Starting your own precious metals savings program is an easy way to automatically save in gold and silver. This makes it easy to maintain a disciplined program for increasing your ownership of history’s most proven stores of value.

  • Buy Gold and Silver At Close To Spot
  • Automatically Save Each Month
  • Take Delivery At Any Time
  • Just Set It and Forget It

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Precious Metals Savings Program?

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What is the The Precious Metals Savings Program?

One unique feature of your gold and silver saving program is that you can automatically schedule recurring gold and silver purchases directly from your bank account. It works just like any other savings program such as your 401k or retirement account.. Each month you can save in gold, silver or both. Scheduling a consistent amount on a regular basis is a great way to ensure that, through dollar-cost averaging, you accumulate the most gold and silver by averaging your total cost over time. There are a range of automated schedules that you can set to purchase monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, daily, or on the first and fifteenth day of each month.

This is one of the best programs offered in the precious metals industry and we use them ourselves.

To put it simply, you can save in gold and/or silver automatically each month.

You can keep your gold and silver stored or take delivery of it anytime you want. You can even cash out if you prefer. The options are up to you.

You know it’s a good idea to own physical gold and silver!

The idea of making regular purchases over time is appealing for sure. However, maybe you’ve discovered doing it is more of a hassle than you thought. How do you accumulate gold and silver from a trusted source without putting another “to do” on your calendar?

The answer is Automatic.

Schedule purchases to fit your budget.

Go enjoy your life while you know your gold and silver savings is protecting your wealth.


Step 1: Create an account.

Step 2: Schedule Purchases

Step 3: Own Gold & Silver


Why Gold & Silver Savings Program?

Gold and silver have retained their value over literally thousands of years, in good times and bad. They are truly different types of financial assets. Now you can automatically save in precious metals.

Do I Have Direct Ownership Of My metals?

Although there are many ways to have indirect exposure to gold and silver, there is no substitute for direct physical ownership. Yes, you own the metal. Equities in mining companies exchange traded funds (ETFs) provide a means to mimic price movements, but lack physical ownership.

Can I Automatically Save Each Month?

One unique feature of your OWNx account is that you can automatically schedule recurring gold and silver purchases directly from your bank account. This makes it easy to maintain a disciplined program for increasing your ownership of history’s most proven stores of value.

Can I Cash Out Anytime?

OWNx members may choose to sell their holdings at any time. Simply choose one of the sell options and the funds will arrive immediately in your OWNx cash account or to the linked bank account in 1-3 business days from the date of the transaction.

How Do I Get My Gold And Silver?

At OWNx, their vision is a world connected with proven stores of value. Therefore, if you choose, you can take delivery of what you own at any time. You can request coins, bars or cash out.

Can I Get Precious Metals though an IRA?

Through an OWNx Self-Directed IRA, you can own physical gold and silver as part of a diversified retirement portfolio. For Most, owning metals in an IRA means owning shares of an ETF or mutual fund. With your OWNx IRA, you can obtain direct ownership of physical gold and silver.

Why You Should Think About A Precious Metals Savings Program

Since this collapse of 2008, many people have been trying to figure out ways to protect their wealth and quite honestly, get rich. Given the past history of the all fiat money systems, people are looking for ways to invest their money and more importantly, protect what they already have.

Precious Metals is still an emerging market and has the potential to be extremely lucrative. It seems as if every time you turn on the television or radio lately, you are almost guaranteed to see or hear a commercial about buying gold and silver.

Until a couple years ago, buying precious metals such as gold and silver was certainly not mainstream. Especially overseas. With the increasing global tensions, inflation, sovereign debt, and overall instability however; more and more people are using precious metals as a storage of wealth.

So Why Should You Save In Gold & Silver?

"If there is only one thing to teach you about the precious metals bull market it is this; 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time!"

In the prime of the 2008 collapse you could not buy gold or silver for almost six months. Many thought they would never be able to get in.

So… Do you want to own precious metals now, or wait till everyone else tries to get in?

As the world continues to go down the proverbial crapper, the amount of consumers interested in buying gold and silver online will only continue to increase.

Become A Precious Metals Affiliate

OWNx Rewards Program.

When you are part of something unique….

Being a client isn’t quite like buying gold and silver from a retailer off the street (or anywhere else on the internet as far as that goes.) Many clients want to share their experience with others, so we thought “Hey, let’s share with them!” That’s where the Rewards was born.

It’s pretty straightforward.

1. When you create your account, you get a unique code that you can share with others when you tell them about our automated precious metals savings program.

2. When they create their account, they enter your code.

3. For that simple act you are rewarded with up to 25% of their premium over the Base Price or Live Price.

4. As something unique, instead of a cash payment we credit your account with more physical gold and silver!

This isn’t a multi-level marketing plan.

1. You receive rewards for only those whom you directly share the with.

2. You must also be making scheduled purchases each month in order to claim your rewards.

We just felt that if you like us and are using our platform, you’ll share your experience with others. This is one way we can say “thanks!”

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